JT Chalatsis has been practicing the art of magic since 2010. He designs his own illusions which are performed by magicians across the globe. His refined and modern style bring magic to the 21st century, while his storytelling and performance are able to capture audiences and offer them an unforgettable experience. 

"Each and every event made special, with the magic touch, smooth, captivating and original matterial. Look for his signature move, the spectators' smiles at the end of the night." - Tom, Pikermi Cultural Center
“JT is a world leading magician that is at the very forefront of what it takes to be a modern, professional and skilled artist.” - Lloyd Barnes, Ellusionist
"Amazing performance, a truly professional magician, a rare and original man.. Thank you for leaving us all spooked out!" - Alexandros, Vasilia Hotel Serifos
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Through storytelling and presentation the magic of JT Chalatsis escapes the common perception of mere tricks and can break the ice and astonish in any event.  Expect brand new experiences than rabbits out of top hats.

JT Chalatsis offers quality entertainment for your guests. Whether it's a bar, restaurant, wedding or corporate event his refined way of performing modern miracles is guaranteed to make your event a memorable experience.

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